Focus and Scope

Europe's Journal of Psychology is a free online quarterly peer-reviewed journal publishing original studies, replication studies, registered reports, and practical tutorials written by and intended for psychologists worldwide.

EJOP is meant to facilitate communication between psychologists, and to give them access to high-quality professional information, thus fostering the scientific psychological community in Europe and worldwide. Although primarily targeted at a European public, EJOP gladly hosts contributions from psychologists irrespective of their geographical location.

EJOP's main objectives are to expand, on the one hand, the publication space in which knowledge can be contributed by everyone and accessed by everyone without barriers. We therefore focus on creating an open research environment that maximises transparency and accessibility.

Therefore, the journal was conceived in such a manner as to be accessible to both young researchers and established professionals and also to a very large area of scientific psychological 'genres' and schools. Its structure gives room to a very diverse, eclectic and multidisciplinary range of psychology studies and research:

  • Editorials - Editorials are usually invited and they showcase the views of either distinguished scholars or young researchers about topical issues for the psychological community in Europe and worldwide, covering themes from different branches of psychology and encouraging interdisciplinary syntheses.
  • Research Reports - empirical studies, independent of orientation or school within psychology. We welcome open and transparent research using quantitative, qualitative, or mixed methods that makes a clear contribution to knowledge and/or practice. We explicitly welcome registered reports and replication studies, especially of studies that have not received prior replication efforts. We put a special focus on the publication of research conducted with and by underserved communities and encourage submissions in all areas.
  • Theoretical Contributions and
  • Tutorials - articles relying on original and creative approaches to a wide range of psychology themes, having at their core the proposal of new concepts, theories or models (Theoretical Contributions) or practical approaches (Tutorials). Interdisciplinary works are most encouraged.

You are therefore invited to submit an article following the instructions and requirements presented in the section Author's Guidelines.

Publication Frequency

Europe’s Journal of Psychology is published four times a year. Articles can be submitted at any time.